Monday, 14 July 2008

Useful Political Links

These are just some websites which help you keep up with what's happening in politics in the UK. - Brilliant website from top british news provider - Official website of the Labour Party (U.K.) - Official website of the Conservative Party (U.K.) - Official website of the Liberal Democrats (U.K.) - Official website of the Green Party (U.K) - Official website of the Socialist Party (U.K)

The Beginning

So basically i'm an undergraduate politics major and i though i would start a blog to talk about whats going on in britain and the world right now and how people are feeling about it.
So every week or so im going to be posting a blog detailing and giving my opinion about recent news and i wanna know what you think.
All comments are welcome as long as they are not needlessly offensive.
All racist ,sexist or anti and minority of society will be deleted.
Thanks for reading I'll start posting in the next couple of days.